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More dslr bargains, don't miss out ...

Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair... latest chain retailer JB Hi-fi catalogue has a single lens kit Canon 1100D for just AUD$449.  Don't rush chaps, even though it is the Equivalent of $408 before our cursed sales tax, we are below parity again with the US$ so maybe think "US$400" for comparison.

For this you get a quality lightweight plastic body and that magnificent mirror box ovf viewfinder.  That ever so quick and precise view of the world that tells you nothing about anything exept "in focus" if your eyesight is good.  But trippy trip trip the mirror whips up and down in a trice as it clicks the images away.

Meanwile in the same catalogue you can buy an Olympus OMD-EM5 for the very enticing price of AUD$1248.  Sorry about the miserable little 4/3 sensor.  So who might want to make do with an evf when you can buy two 1100D's and still walk away with a big bag to carry them in and some change.

If you want to buy something more up-market than the 1100D you can still go home with a number of other  Canon products: the just superseded 600D in twin lens kit for AUD$747, The latest and greatest release of the same model with single lens for $999 (700D) or the 60D with twin lens kit for an astonishing AUD$1097 or if you want something smart and tiny the 100D at AUD$835 with one lens - all inclusive of the 10% impost.  If you don't like Canon then we have a range of Nikon dslr at equally mouth watering prices.  Heck these things are often cheaper than that jumped up prime fixed lens GR made by someone or another.

Best get into your dlsr outfit as soon as possible as at these prices they surely cannot last.

I leave you with Sony's NEX slogan "DSLR quality without the difficulty" ... I knew you would find it kind of catchy.  Nikon says "I am peace of mind".  Olympus "Trek in for a bargain" and Canon goes for the throat "Crazy Canon Deals".

And Sigma add on entry level lenses for dslr cameras start at AUD$479 - says it all.

Sure to rev MW up a bit ....  might make more sense if they were exiting the market, but I am sure that they are not. Dmd 5DIII is still AUD$3299, nearly four times a GR and as body only you still have to supply your own lenses ... exactly 7.35 times the price of the discontinued 1100D (inlcuding lens) with which I am sure Canon still manages to turn a quid on selling.

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