Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Re: So you admit you were talking rubbish when you claimed the 1.8 slayed the 1.4 at all apertures

MisterHairy wrote:

I love the hackneyed attempt at belittlement by implying that these observations are the result of budgetary constraints.

There is nothing wrong with making a purchase based on budgetary constraints.  We all make those, otherwise I would be shooting a Phase One IQ2 digital back.

What I cannot tolerate are those who having purchased the more affordable option then try to convince themselves, and others, that they inadvertently ended up with the better product.  The Canon forums were littered with arguments  started by 7D users  trying to prove their camera was superior in IQ to the 5D2.

Digging that old tactic out of the bag belies deep insecurities.

Like I said, the deep insecurities are blatantly exhibited by those who start threads that try to prove the cheaper option is superior to the more expensive one.

My four year old son is assessing the moves of a playground bully at school at the moment, and he describes similar behaviour there.

Your behavior is akin to a playground trouble maker who throws sand in the faces of the bigger kids then runs back to mummy.

What really exposes you as a hack is that you began this thread with a deliberately provocative and hyperbolic claim that you have ultimately conceded was baseless.

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