2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

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Re: 2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

QuakeO wrote:.

Do you think the difference in quality between theses primes and my zooms is so small?

Absolutely. For your photographr as you have described, unless you need very good low light  performance, very thin DOF of produce very large prints, you'll notice hardly any difference if at all in photo quality.

The problem with today's classes is that they spend an inordinate amount of time on things I understand well: how a camera works, the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and other theoretical and technical elements. I would rather go out, experiment, and improve composition and decision making. My thinking was that a prime would force me to focus on important things.

The theoretical and technical element are part of basic and general knoledge that can help you to become a better photographer. Going out and practice is part of the learning curve. Believe me, a prime lens won't force you to concentrate on important things more than your zoom will do because nothing prevent you from fixing your zoom lens at the the same focal length as these primes and practice that way.

But it is your money and if you want primes and can efford them it is fine. After all, it is a hobby and we enjoy it and we buy stuff even if we dont need it. But if you think that primes sill improve your photography more than your zoom will do, you are making a mistake because at the end of the day, a good photographer should know how to force his lenses to do what he want instead of being "forced" by them.



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