A REAL MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION ! The perfect of color's restitution !

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A REAL MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION ! The perfect of color's restitution !

In a first time excuse me for my bad english wrtitten... i'm a french old professionnal photographer and i used more than half of my career the argentic system...  When i used for the first time the numeric sensors  i had to see that the colors are not really precise when you compare them to the natural subtilities  of colors of skins, flowers, , differents of greens  for the grass for exemple.. : It's very important to understand how the standard bayer color capture is using.. , it's IMPOSSIBLE to this to have a real retranscription of  colors, espescially for the green nuances and  deep of colors of the human skins for exemple.. When i'd use the Foveon's sensor, i understand immediatly that it's THE "miracle" and unique solution to have the potential of exact and  best color's restitution. It's really incredible, this sensor use the same principe of the argentic negative, no artefacts, no interpolations, just and only THE REAL COLORS !!! Please go to the Sigma's official web site and read and see, , they said the thrue, and they prouve it, you can trust  them, this sensor is really a major revolution !

You know that Sigma is a small and young office  if you compare it about Nikon, Canon or Leica, , i'm sure that if it was Leica who discover this Foveon sensor, with their incredible mecanical perfections of their cameras and lenses they may be  became  a new time the king of the photographic world !! But  Sigma had the property of this perfect image capture sensor system and  with this camera, the SD1,  you have the same emotion and image quality than an argentic Hasselblad, deep of colors, , finest of details, and only with an APS-C sensor size !!! You can print  a A0 size with this 15 millions of pixel sensor, cause the finest  of the final RAW image is the same than  a 46 million pix of Bayer sensor.., but with the perfect of color restitution more !! For exemple  with the Sigma's SD15  you have only a final pict with 5 millions of pixels, but you can print a A3 size, it look's like a 15 million of classic bayer's sensor, and deep of colors more.. INCREDIBLE ! Test it  and you will see !

I hope that Sigma make a "SD2 Ultimate" with a 24x36mm sensor size, with the same number of pixels from the SD1 ( 3 x 15millions), but with more bigger size for the photosites, and they can resolve the unique problem of their system : The noise !, cause with this sensor and with the SD15 and SD1  you can use it only to 50 iso to maxi 400 iso. Personaly i use their camera's only at 50 iso's cause i make only statics pics, macro lands, portraits and the results after a small work with the original RAW file is just  PERFECT !!

Thank's to Sigma  to trust  with the foveon's technologie, they give to  the maniacs argentics photographers the same sensations with numerics  than the argentic's deep, natural and exact colors !

Uman R-B

Sigma SD1
15 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Sep 21, 2010
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