Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Buy the 5DIII because...

John Cerra2 wrote:

I don't know if I agree with the idea that it is widelyregarded that Canon's jpegs are ooc better than than the Nikon jpegs. I do think it is widely believed that the Canon jpegs out more saturated and more sharpened at factory specs.  I can change the in camera settings to emulate the saturation.

It's not the saturation that makes Canon's OCC JPED's so popular - it's the color rendition, which you cannot emulate.  And yes, the Canon JPEGs are indeed regarded as much more appealing than the yellow cast laden Nikon version.  It might not be a big a deal with sports where skin tones are not as critical and getting the action.

Most people used two cameras, one with a long tele and one with a shorter zoom. I can use just the one camera, and crop tighter on down the court shots.

You could and maybe that suffices for your needs, but anyone can crop.  Plus, big glass is so sharp that it allows significant cropping ability - more so than the 70-200.

Even at 3200 iso, the d600 matches anything in the Canon line line, I have numerous 24x36 in prints that are wonderful iq  cropped.

That might be true, but seriously, if the D600 was really as suitable for sports as a D4 or 1DX,

I am not sure you will get a Nikon at the D700 place in the line going forward.

There's always reason to be optimistic.   Nikon are in the business of making money after all, and they need sales to do that.

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