Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Re: So you admit you were talking rubbish when you claimed the 1.8 slayed the 1.4 at all apertures

I love the hackneyed attempt at belittlement by implying that these observations are the result of budgetary constraints. It's a cheap but effective put down, but the fact is that if I were to purchase the 85/1.4, it would then be one of my most inexpensive lenses. It just doesn't follow, Subby, old chum.

Digging that old tactic out of the bag belies deep insecurities. My four year old son is assessing the moves of a playground bully at school at the moment, and he describes similar behaviour there. We suspect that the poor kid (the bully) has a pretty poor home life and is reestablishing his self worth by knocking smaller kids over at play time.

I'm not a smaller kid though, and such obvious ploys say more about you than you realise.

Enjoy your mid-priced lens. You deserve it.

SubPrime wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

It's funny to see comments like mine bring out the anxiety attacks in the easily undermined.

it's funny to see people who can't afford the premium lenses go to such lengths to pretend they ended up with the better lens anyway.  You're the one that started this thread, obviously because you had to justify why you ended up with the inferior lens,  yet you have the gall to accuse others of being insecure and having to reassure themselves.

Funny really.

All of the test data out there supports my claim that at wider apertures, the 1.8 lens is sharper.

Then point to it.  You seem to have a fear of putting your money where your mouth is.  You refuse to show comparative tests and can't provide a URL.

What's up with that?

Above f/5.6 or so, the 1.4 lens may be marginally sharper, but I doubt that many eyes could discriminate between the two. Especially in a print (you know, those things that you sell to clients).

So you admit you were talking rubbish when you claimed the 1.8 slayed the 1.4 at all apertures.

Pleasing blur is important, but this isn't Japan, and the reality is that at typical working apertures, there is little to tell between the two lenses. The 1.4 lens is a little warmer, but that's hardly a massive hurdle to get over for the 1.8. Flare resistance might be a valid point for many, but personally, this is not a big deal.

So really, this post was all about convincing yourself that the inferior lens isn't really so bad becasue no one will be able to tell in the final print.

Clearly, my opinion is based around my own usage patterns and personal bias. I appreciate that, but I think that folks who respond by calling my observations "garbage" are revealing rather more fragility and immaturity than they might like.

I see.  So using the word "garbage" isreveals fragilityk, but using the word "slays" is perfectly mature and manly.  Got it.

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