When size matters (D800 pixel count)

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Re: sometimes it does not

This is a little different twist for making good use of a D800 cropped.  I shoot commercial/ corporate and occasionally some corporate events.  I thought my D800 would be the worst body for an event however, it has become my first choice.  I use a 24 - 70 in DX mode which works for just fine for about 90% of what I'm doing and files are a good size and not overkill.  If suddenly someone needs a large group photographed or I need a wide view of something, I switch to FX which is much faster than changing lenses not to mention those extra pixels that I get for all those additional faces.  I love this system and I'm considering another D800 to replace my D3.  There was a time when I thought I would never need DX mode, but I'm very glad I have it now.

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