can you tell the IQ/ISO difference game: canon5dmk3 vs D800e at iso 6400

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Mako2011 wrote:

clarkent1234 wrote:


simple game, pick the image you like better based on IQ and high ISO results! after 15 guesses, i'll reveal which images belongs to each camera.

(CHEATERS: exif data was removed)

image 1

image 2

Second image seems to easily resolve more detail and the noise pattern seems finer. Pixel count though shows that the two images were sampled differently or the same area was cropped but the subject distance is different.

Based on that...I like the slightly greater detail and finer noise in the second pic. Resolution seems to say it's the D800 but that might be a focus or lens issue throwing it off. Still, just based on noise, I prefer the second pattern better as presented. Thanks much for sharing. Exposure/color in both are pretty close.  Good job presenting.

Now to go back and read the thread and see how off I was

oh you were off! lol

read the "reveal" post

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