Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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Nikonparrothead wrote:

I know your logic. To keep the customer happy. Nikon could actually accomplish that by keeping the parts in stock and making money on the repair. Why then, should it lose money on a trade-in?

But they don't have parts in stock. That's not on the table. That error was made a long time ago. To keep the customer happy is a job that can be done today. Moreover, like I pointed out, the UGLY rated lens would become parts for tomorrow, not be resold.

Companies lose money almost every time they interact as a customer service transaction. Customer service is not a profit center. There can only be a resulting good or bad will from such a transaction. Most companies hope for a good result since they are losing money anyway. Customer service combined with technical support costs any company quite a bit more than CS by itself. Companies have to decide on both the short and long term effects when they come up with methods and procedures to follow.

Managers exist to modify those methods and procedures on a one by one basis. At some point up the managerial tree, there is someone who will make a positive decision for you in any customer service transaction with nearly all companies. They understand if they don't, someone above will. It's the companies who empower this at lower levels who are succeeding more and more in these days, but someone exists at Nikon who will take a procactive approach in every case. This is why I suggest being persistant and work your way up the management tree, maintaining a polite and courtious mannerism. The key is persistance with each manager before asking for the next. One sound bite that works is, "I understand your company policy here. I really do, but you must understand what I need to  have happen." Then restate what you want done. i.e. a trade-in off a new lens.

There might be a third party cottage type available who could repair these lenses for Nikon by using some work around Nikon doesn't have time nor inclination to attempt. Maybe a clutched micro motor could be installed within the casing. I don't know.

What actually happens when a motor or actuator goes bad in these lenses? I doubt there is actually wear and tear on metal parts. I would think a motor could be rewound for example. Maybe a burnt circuit board could be adapted from a different lens and reconfigured in the firmware. All it takes is some serious thought by a real engineer is this day of disposable hardware. One might need a couple and a schematic to work on and some spare time.

Take a look what happened to United Airlines because of a customer service person being stuck and why companies understand the power of social media more and more.

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