Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Let's make the "Beyonce Rule" official.

Guidenet wrote:

MarkJH wrote:

And cue no. 2 drops in 85mm "best of all time" script.

But since the stuffed dog super-comparo left matters a bit hazy (literally), I can thankfully now apply my foolproof "Shotcents Super-Reverso Principle" and *really* know which one I prefer.

You know what this thread really needs, now?  It needs Kanye West to jump in and remind us that while the 85mm f1.8G is nice enough--Yo Shotcents I'm really happy for ya and I'm 'ma let ya finish--but whatever Beyonce likes is the greatest 85 lens of all time.  ALL TIME!

Heheheh. so funny. I love it. The foolproof "Shotcents Super-Reverso Principle."

Gotta love Mira's "Shades of the infamous Rockwellian stuffed Monkey, no?" as well. Both spot on. Poor Ken and his stuffed monkey. LOL

Always glad to entertain

However, I actually think Kanye might actually be on to something, here!

You may already be familiar with the "Halle Berry Rule," which posits that 12% neutral grey offers just about the same reflectivity as Halle Berry's skin tone.  So if you're stuck without an incident meter and you're trying to spot or center-weight and exposure comp for a given portrait subject's skin tone, you can simply imagine Halle Berry and compare rather than trying to guess at your subject's more abstract relationship to 12% grey.

(Or, if you happen to be photographing Halle Berry, you can just zero your meter right on in.  Where's that easy button?)

It seems, then, we might might add to this wonderfully helpful pop culture canon of photographic aids with the "Beyonce Rule," which posits that your choice of 85mm lens should be dictated by whichever you'd feel most comfortable using to photograph Queen B.   Much as the "Halle Berry Rule" eliminates the abstraction of grey cards and meter calibration, so too does the "Beyonce Rule" eschew complexities of lens performance for a much more direct and relevant answer!

Personally, I think Sasha Fierce deserves the nano crystal treatment.  Or, allow me to summarize with appropriate shorthand:

If Nikon liked the 1.8 they shoulda put a ring on it.


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