can you tell the IQ/ISO difference game: canon5dmk3 vs D800e at iso 6400

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Re: REVEAL TIME (big surprise!)

clarkent1234 wrote:

first one is Canon 5d mark III - 50L 2.8 iso6400..NR/sharpening etc off - both cameras identical in settings

second is: ..............wait for it................................CANON 40D......YES CANON 40D - 35L 2.8 iso1600 (its max!!!) shot at 1600 pushed 2 stops in PP. I am sure most are familiar with ISO pushing technic, so i wont get into that.

Honestly, I thought the second image was better, but I also thought the D800 should look better than what I was seeing (however, I trusted that you weren't lying so I went with it). The sony sensor is outstanding in the Nikons. Even though I selected a 6D, if I was shooting landscape then I wouldn't have hesitated to get a current FF Nikon.

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