can you tell the IQ/ISO difference game: canon5dmk3 vs D800e at iso 6400

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Surprising, indeed!

clarkent1234 wrote:

first one is Canon 5d mark III - 50L 2.8 iso6400..NR/sharpening etc off - both cameras identical in settings

second is: ..............wait for it................................CANON 40D......YES CANON 40D - 35L 2.8 iso1600 (its max!!!) shot at 1600 pushed 2 stops in PP. I am sure most are familiar with ISO pushing technic, so i wont get into that.

NoiseNinja was used at the exact same settings on both. and USM equally the same on CS6.

40D Raw looked a bit more grainy after being pushed 2 full stops in PP. But after Ninja on same setting used on 5dmk3, things looked about identical. Strange but true. Framing was about the same due to crop factor.

2006-7 mid-consumer-whatever-u want to call it- camera replaced by several generations...payed $200 used with high shutter count VS new $3500 full frame camera. Shot at 2.8 since my 35/50 is identical at 2.8!

I've shot weddings with a 40D as my main camera for years, its capable. Before someone says straight out of camera/straight jpeg is cleaner. Sure but not by a mile, and only at 100 percent you will see some differences. but if you payed money on either camera, with todays software available and you do not editing? thats a waste of any dslr/money.....even on one that doesn't even do video or even able to focus in live view (40D)

The DOFs look remarkably similar, which is a surprise.  I imagine you shot the scenes from the same position since the 40D photo is framed a tad tighter than the 5D3 photo, as we would expect since 35mm on 1.6x is equivalent to 56mm on FF.  If so, it is indeed surprising that the DOFs look about the same.

Also, the 5D3 photo should be significantly less noisy as the exposures were the same, which puts 2.56x more light on the 5D3 sensor, and the 5D3 sensor is more efficient to boot.

Something seems amiss, here!

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