Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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Re: And the rest of the honest consumers pay the price

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

fPrime wrote:

Agreed.  There's something about buying a lens just to compare it and then returning it that's a bit sickening.  If you do this, don't brag about.  It's bad enough that you don't exercise enough research and analysis before ordering a lens and returning it fully functional.  That only raises the buying costs for the rest of us and exposes the lens to potential shipping & handling damage before a more forthright buyer gets the lens.

Yep, totally agree. Just because of those handful of cheaters, rest of the consumers pay the price.

Personally I'm not the one buying just to return, but I think these statements don't hold any water. First, why do you call a cheater someone who didn't find that the product is suitable for him for any reason whatsoever? Second, if it is indeed a handful, how in the world could it possibly affect the overwhelming majority of well-intentioned buyers such as yourself? And third, if this is not a handful, then it should be considered a generally acceptable practice and the overhead has been already accounted for, whether or not this or that particular individual takes advantage of it. I'm inclined to think that the third is the case, and, in the US at least, retailers operate this way, while Nikon lens pricing has nothing to do with it, e.g. compare to Sigma and try to convince me that Nikon manufacturing and engineering practices are so much more  advanced (especially in the light of recent QC debacles) that they have the right to charge almost 100% premium over Sigma, which incidentally makes most of its products in JAPAN, AFAIK.

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