I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

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Re: I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

ROC124 wrote:

Have time only for a quick response right now. My original comments were about what I was hearing from actual buyers and potential buyers in a gallery. Other photographers had an opposite opinion.

I was interested in this issue of too much extraneous detail and too self-consciously photographic prints because local galleries have told me for years that photography generally doesn't sell well. I'm trying to understand why, so I always question potential buyers.

Interesting.  When you say that local galleries have said for years that "photography generally doesn't sell well", what, exactly, do they mean?  That other forms of art (e.g. paintings, sculpturs, pottery, etc.) sell better than photography?

Easy to separate other photographers from potential buyers at the galleries: the photographers have their faces close to the prints looking at the details, and potential buyers are standing back looking at the whole image!

That, methinks, is an important observation.  Myself, when editing a photo, I will go through the photo at an enlargement where I can see individual pixels.  When viewing photos at an exhibition, however, I generally view from the closest distance where I can take in the whole photo comfortably.

Thanks for starting this thread.

Not at all.  Thanks for that very intriguing post that inspired it.

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