Can't decide! Canon sl1 vs g15 or ?

Started May 24, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Can't decide! Canon sl1 vs g15 or ?

jnkbeck wrote:

Hi, I have been going back and forth, mainly between these two cameras (G15 or Sl1 with a 40mm lens).  I mainly take pictures of my kids inside and out.  I would love to have nice sharp pictures of them and also love the bokeh look.  I am looking for something fast.  I also use my camera for video at times and don't know which of these would be better for that.  I want something that I can easily have with us on a day to day basis.  Right now I have a Canon point & shoot and do appreciate the small size.  I would be a beginner for a dslr, but willing to learn!

Another option would be to wait for the next new camera...  I would love to have wifi too!

Thanks for any help or recommendations!

If those are the two cameras that appeal to you most, the choice is easy - buy the SL1.

The G15 is just another point and shoot. A good one, but still with a small sensor and all the limitations that come with that.

For a genuine upgrade in image quality and performance, the SL1 is it.

Add a fast prime and you've taken a big step up.

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