First attempt at photo stacking

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Re: First attempt at photo stacking


Duncan C wrote:

all these shots are done indoors with studio lighting?

Yup, your assumption would be right.

On the blade of grass, how did you prevent the water drop from sliding down the blade as you were shooting?

I fixed  the water drop to the blade of grass with super glue so it wouldn't move.

( errh, no - that's a lie  )

I can't remember, but I probably had the blade almost in the horizontal the water drop couldn't fall off...and then flipped the image 90 degrees to present it.

What are you adjusting the F stops or your focus.

One never adjusts the F stop when simply use a focus rail to shift the entire camera rig...about 1mm at a time. One also never adjusts the stays constant.

That's too broad a statement. You never adjust focus, but plenty of people do. (Me included.)

Let's put it this way.

IF one uses a focus rail system....there is absolutely NO reason to manually adjust focus by turning the lens ring. One simply moves the entire camera rig on the rail.

And, as one SHOULD always be using a rail.....then lens focus adjustment thus becomes redundant.

Also, it's virtually impossible to step a stack accurately (ie: from back to front) by manually adjusting the lens focus one simply cannot gauge the incremental step measurements using that method.

Hence the focus rail was invented 


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Who said you had to manually adjust the focus ring?

There are various software packages that let you control lens focus. I use Helicon Remote, but Nikon's camera control software also offers this feature, and there are other programs that do as well.

For now I am shooting with my camera on a tripod, and prefer not to touch it at all. With Helicon remote, I set the near and far focus points, and either take the suggested number of steps, or enter my own. The software then takes over and shoots the whole stack without me having to touch anything.

I either need to mount my focus rails and my subject platform on a wood base, or get a StackShot.

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