Trying out the X20 and I'm ok with the jpgs ... well

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Re: Noticeable Improvements...

nboyer wrote:

I don't mean to butt in, but having owned and shot with both, I'll offer some commentary.  To establish a baseline for my comments, I consider myself an advanced amateur photographer who understand the technical dynamics of camera operation, basic photography principles, and post processing, especially with raw converters.  I've tried them all.  Some work better with certain cameras, but I'll stick to the two cameras of interest.  The X10 has a fantastic JPG engine, however, the EXR sensor does not result in better RAW conversions, perhaps due to its complicated pixel binning technology.  One of the biggest complaint of the X10 was it's lack of resolution for a 12MP camera and I agree with this point.  The X20 has a horrible JPG engine, my opinion of course.  But the RAW is much more useable.  I am a hardcore fan of Lightroom, used it since it was released.  However, and even after improvements by Adobe, it still does not quite satisfy my IQ requirements.  While vastly improved over the previous update, it struggles with greens.  The tone is off and has a 'painterly' appearance in certain circumstances.  What I've been using is Aperture.  Yes, it's an Apple product, please no Apple vs. Windows arguments.  With Aperture, there is slightly more apparent resolution, better handling of white balance, and no 'painterly' effects of foliage, at least that I can detect.  All in all, if you are a JPG shooter, I'd stick with the X10.  It is capable of printing excellent 16x20's when carefully processed and at base ISO.  If you don't mind a raw workflow, the X20 is sure to show improvements in terms of resolution.  Foliage will be more detailed as well as hair detail.  Having said all that, don't expect either camera to be as good as a larger sensor camera.  Let's be realistic here.  I also own an X-Pro 1.  With the 35/1.4 it is a superb combo that will leave a smile on your face even when shooting at ISO 3200 AND at JPG's at that.  While I prefer shooting with my Leica gear, it's the X-Pro 1 that I turn to more often.  Hope this will help with your decision.  Cheers.  -Norm

SLT319 wrote:


I'm interested in your views of any noticeable improvements in iq for the X20 compared to the X10? I've bought X10 but have opportunity to 'upgrade' to X20 at very little cost, so wondered what I would gain - it's only iq I'm interested in.



Excellent posting!

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