Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

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Re: Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really a valid comparison

sorry i have not read the whole thread, so i may be repeating what others have said. but i own both pentax and leica. imho they target different market segments and different wants/needs. perceived weaknesses of pentax tend to be slower than premium af, lesser quality flash control, gaps in long lenses. no leica rangefinder owner even thinks af is an issue, i almost never see complaints about flash (i get the feeling most don't bother) and long lenses, well, yes, they exist and some are wonderful, but still not a central concern of most buyers as far as i can tell.

pentax has tried to get into various niches, as with the 645d. but hard times have made it harder to hold on to and fulfill its promise. i hope that changes, but the dslr market is shrinking, from what the analysts say and it takes a lot of capital to back swift adaptation.

anyway, from what i have read, the japanese leica idea had to do with lens quality above all. pentax still produces some of the lenses that helped create that claim and of those i own, i have no intention of giving even one up in the hopes that pentax can get into the full frame market and give those lenses their context back.

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