Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Re: Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

At Imaging EXPO this past January here in Atlanta, the Nikon rep at their booth said that Nikon, Inc. think the 85/1.8G is a better lens than the 85/1.4G.  Only get the 84/1.4 if you just have to have the extra 2/3 stop, and then think long and hard about it.

That said, I wish mine had less Longitudinal Chromatic Aberation.   With certain combinations of out of focus highlights, it tends to ruin the shot for me sometimes.   Lightroom typically cannot deal with this, nor does Capture NX2.

I often find myself stopping down to 4.0 or 5.6 to smooth or eliminate the CA, at which point I may as well be using the 70-200/4G VR, which is an awesome lens from wide open, and it has VR, too.

If the background/foreground isn't too "busy" or shiny/specular, the 85/1.8G is amazing from wide open, and even a little CA is not always bad, depending on the subject.  For under $400 during their rebates, this lens was a steal!

Meanwhile, come on Sigma, where are those Art Series 24, 50 & 84 / F1.4 lenses that will perform as well as the stellar 35/1.4?   Ha Ha!  One can only wish!  I'd settle for an F1.8 on the 24mm so it could be 67mm filter thread and smaller/lighter.

While not perfect with regard to CA and bokeh, my Sigma 35/1.4 is optically impressive in all regards, and easily my favorite lens on the D600.  Plus, I know that when it's mounted, nothing is going to blow it away because it's so dang heavy...


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