17-3770 vs FX-8350

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Re: 17-3770 vs FX-8350

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Mark1t wrote:

Thanks, and what would be your build, if you only have $700 (only MOBO, CPU, GPU, RAM)

I'm the wrong person to ask.

I built my own PCs for many years.  But, then I figured out that's it's cheaper to buy a refurb machine from someone like Dell if you're a good shopper and use coupon codes for more off.


So, I just don't see the point in building my own anymore if you're a good shopper and look for bargains and coupons for extra discounts on refurbs.

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One of the things I like about building my own is that I knew that I could put in good quality parts. When looking I found that I could sometimes find a deal that could come close to what I could build it for, but it always had one thing I didn't like or didn't need.There was also the unknown of what kind of motherboard, HDD, or PSU was in it. These are normally not advertised so they can skimp on the quality here to get more RAM or a larger drive in. By building my own I knew I could get a reliable components.

So while you can sometimes get it cheaper to buy from an OEM, reliability always seems more suspect to me.

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