Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

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Re: Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

Drawback: you might get mugged for your iPhone but nobody wants an Android that badly.

exactly. but lets take a moment and figure out what does that actually tell us? well, what you just described is fanaticism. a fanatic would do such a thing, a normal, balanced person never. and where else is fanaticism most present? well in matters like religion or ideology in general. so, why won't fanatics "fight" for an android? it's simple: because nobody is brainwashing them to do so. the majority of android users would chose an android phone because of practical reasons. the majority of apple users would choose iphone because it's first of all made by apple. that's the difference.

a fanatic fails to see things clearly. he fails to see that in practice a top android phone is by no means less good than an iphone, most likely even the opposite so what attracts him/her to the iphone is the same delusion that attracts a religious person to god. apple = religion for most of their users for the rest is just a good product worth having but not worth killing for.

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