How does the M43 flash system compare to Nikon's?

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Re: How does the M43 flash system compare to Nikon's?

jayphotoworks wrote:

I'm curious about this as well. I guess the OP is interested in the following capabilities (and me too for that matter).

1. TTL for all flashes

1. Setting ratios (up to 3 groups)

2. Setting power (M mode for all flashes and a specific power 1/2, 1/8 for each flash)

3. Disabling the main flash to just communication pulses.

4. Settable on the flash head or in the lcd via a menu

I guess that would run the gamut in terms of features most people use this for. Is this the same on both Panny and Oly in terms of the newest bodies (GH3/OMD)? I'm guessing FL360L/F-600R would be the commander and is interchangeable on m43?

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#1 TTL for all flashes, only if they are supported by the system.

#2 yes you can set different ratios for each group

#3 TTL, FP, and manual can be used, in manual the flash power can be set in camera

#4 Yes the triggering flash can be disabled to act as commander only or it can be set as the forth group

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