Is there a SIMPLE flash for Canon DSLR's?

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THe 580EX is simply if you ignore the buttons.

billorg wrote:

I have had a Canon 580 EX for years and have never taken the time to really understand how to use it nor have I needed it.

So as you haven't needed it, you haven't learned how to use it. Fair enough.

But I know enough to know that it's overkill for what I do.

Really? What makes you think it's overkill? If you prefer the look of ambient light, perhaps the 580 level of sophistication is exactly what you need?

I really just need to bounce it indoors and outdoors I want to be able to use it for fill without blowing the subjects away and darkening the background.

Outdoors? If you want to balance an outdoor flash exposure properly, this is not simply. I'm not saying it's hard, but you will need to learn something new.

I also want to shoot in manual at f8 1/250.  That's it.

That's a pretty demanding requirement for a flash. I do a lot of event photography at f5.6, 1/60 to 1/125 second. My 580EX would struggle in many circumstances that require f8. I would more likely stay at f5.6 and take a step back for extra DOF. (Usually need a bit more DOF for larger groups of people.)

There are way too many settings on the 580 ex for me and I never have any idea what I am doing.

With ETTL why worry about any of the flash settings? Slide the flash in the hot-shoe, turn it on, point it where you want it to bounce (or not) and press the shutter button.

As indicated by the previous posts, you might want to play with the Flash Exposure Compensation setting on the camera. That's it.

If I fool around a lot, just by luck I may get what I need, but I was wondering if there is some kind of very simple flash that does just the basics that I need.

The 580EX is a simply flash that does the basics that you need.

I have a 5D MIII and a 6D.  Thanks, Bill

I have a 5D3 and the 580EX is working well for me. Here's some samples (some are with a 5D2 and 550EX):

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