White balance seems way off on OMD

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Re: White balance seems way off on OMD

Y1981 wrote:

Silvernitrate wrote:

Y1981 wrote:

Just use a piece of white paper or grey card and set custom WB in the camera, also you can set temperature in camera manually (in Kelvins), I set movie record button on camera for fast WB adjustment

Getting the right WB is only part of the problem, the colours can still be out.

Is the poster using a calibrated screen, the skin tones look out in all three pictures.

completely agree, I use colorchecker passport for good colours, must say that LR profile for OMD is  awful

Yes your totally right there, it is pretty bad.

I swear by my passport, its now an essential bit of kit at weddings.

The free Adobe DNG profiler is just as good, just its not polished like the xrite and you need to buy your own macbeth card.

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