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ROC124 wrote:

Here is one of the non-impressionist images which got comments about not realizing at first it was a photograph:

This is obviously a photograph, and no one was confused about it.

That was what I was thinking. 

They were telling me their first reaction was to the image, not the medium. Some went on to say what they often don't like about other examples of the photography medium, including some of mine. Some of those comments were about photographs too often emphasizing some element like global detail at the expense of the overall image.

I did little post processing: global capture sharpening, slight positive clarity gradient in foreground, local saturation boost in the yellow leaves, local creative sharpening on leaves on rocks, slight negative clarity and negative sharpening on the background in the upper left quadrant, slight vignette.

I am still honestly confused.  While your photo above is very nice (I absolutely mean that), it looks to me just like what a good landscape photo usually looks like.

What, pray tell, were they talking about?

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