How does the M43 flash system compare to Nikon's?

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Re: How does the M43 flash system compare to Nikon's?

Dheorl wrote:

Y1981 wrote:

As I know there is no wireless transmitters for m4\3 to use flashes wirelessly with TTL, the only way you can get TTL wirelessly on OMD, for example, is to use olympus flash and fire others from it, power of each flash can be adjusted in camera menu. To me it is not the most reliable way to get flashes fired since all the flashes have to "see" on camera flash and none of them can be behind you. But you can still use almost any wireless transmitters and flashes in manual mode because all of them use central contact only in this case. But you will be limited with sync speed 1/250s which is not good for sunlight and wide apertures. If you use on camera flash only (something like FL500) then it is comparable to canikon TTL system.

This is the main issue I have with the m4/3 flashes is lack of support when it comes to radio triggers. I have ended up just getting cheap manual flashes and using a single pin radio trigger.

Yes very true, now M4/3 is really taking off it shouldn`t be to long.

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