Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

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Re: Indeed..

PhotoKhan wrote:

Jeff wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

 "Apple proposes the use of wireless technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi"?

Ahh...yes, that's wireless flash photography in a completely, radically different approach...I see the light now! (...lower UHF frequencies are so not-cool...)

I am starting to think you don't understand this simple/smart concept.

Hey, we "thick", un-cool people are like that, sorry...but I do have my black turtleneck on order, so there's some hope I will be able to "understand" every old solutions as adapted for smartphones for the true glorious revolutions they actually seem to be, in the near feature.

...I must say, that turtleneck on the mail, I can already feel some "buzz" imagining the new iReflector.


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that, in a nutshell, is how they manage to create a new market for themselves while their competitors stand by watching.

You mean, patenting decade old ideas?...Well, that's a way, yes...

...but Neapolitan, Calabrian and Sicilian families also created a "new market" for themselves with less than scrupulous methods in the late 19th century so, even there, it's not like Apple is an innovator.


No, I meant the crippling arrogance of their competitors and other observers.

They are innovators.  Great products.  Not much basic R&D but who needs that when they either buy it, lease it, copy it. But you can deny the product innovation they create and deliver to a mass market. What's stunning is how they consistently pull together technology developed by others, walk into a market ignored or dominated by others, and walk away with the crown.  They've done in computers, music, mobile, and cameras.

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