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True creativity is difficult, copying it isn't as much....

The old adage about photography is still true.  Photography is the easiest of arts to master technically but one of the hardest arts to produce your own identifiable style.  Most very good photographers, serious amateurs and pro's, copy what has been done in the past and make excellent images, but uniquely their style - no!

Generally what is the latest fad, is taking photos that are liked and utilize the latest equipment.  So low light urban night scapes is becoming popular, low light photography in general is more abundant, sharper wild life photos, better macros, more colourful dramatic landscapes.  Sharp is the new "in" and will be copied.  Sharp is in because with our much better equipment we can achieve wonderfully detailed images.

So I'm not surprised that some might be bored with sharpness.  What is "in" is copied, the bales of hay on the farmland at sunset casting their shadows, those colourful caves that have been photo'd to death, colourful doors of Santa Fe (I was bored when I saw the first one) which are really a study of colour and texture.  Today you can go to a photography store or mail in retailer and order "playing cards"that have posses the wedding photographer can use; the images those photographers will take using those cards as suggestion will probably look good, but there will be no creativity in them, which the best wedding photographers have established over time.

But there are older "in's" that have been done to death so that we don't take them as much, older men and women with wrinkles highlighted by side light, sunsets, pretty women in street photography (notice Vivian Maier has a noticeable lack of pretty women in her photography, she wasn't as pretty women obsessed as male photographers). Coils of rope on jetties, a lone colourful older beat up boat moored alone in a quaint harbour; the list goes on.  At one point, there was a great article listing all the things a new photographer shouldn't photograph as they had been over done.  It is easier to copy creativity than it is to be creative.

So with today's wonderful equipment, we shouldn't be surprised at emerging styles that are beginning to bore people, new creativity will flower, impress then later after it has been copied copiously, bore us.

As for the look of film, the more I see of older film images the more I realize the superiority of digital.  Once you get used to sharp vivid colours, the old stuff seems flatter.  I think film has been over rated, if the technology truly was the much superior more pros would be using it as they want to get the best image out there.

So be careful when blaming technology when copied creativity is to blame.

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Hindsight is better than foresight, except for lost opportunity costs.

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