Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

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No, it means the "get it"

PhotoKhan wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Think of it this way.  You are with a bunch of your friends on night and you all carry your favorite Nikon cameras around in your pocket.  You come across a subject that you want to take a picture of, that would be perfect if only you had a wireless flash setup to illuminate it.

Then you realize you could use all 8 of the flashes on your friends' cameras, and not only that, but YOUR camera could help find the best orientation of those flashes via its built-in software.

Starting to make sense yet?

Oh, you could then post that pic to your favorite social media site instantly too. 

I get it. It maybe certainly useful for smartphone photographers, depending on how it will be actually implemented.

...but it still is wireless flash photography.

Trying to patent that is just opportunistic. DPR being "intrigued with the idea", it's just sad.


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Actually for DPR, it means they "get it".  They can quickly see how great an idea it is, and the implications it has for all photography.  Like I said, if I am with a group of friends who hall have cameras with flashes, why the heck would I also carry around another bag of flashes?  Also, how cool will it be when your camera can graphically show the best placement of the various flashes, no matter how many and in any situation.

This reminds me of the guy who created an e-mail app that let you swipe left to delete an e-mail, swipe write to save, swipe down to reply, etc.  He sold the idea for $100 million this year before he could even release the app to the public.   Why?  Because someone understood how great and simple the idea was.

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