What might go wrong with GX2

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Re: What might go wrong with GX2

agachart wrote:

Sound look like you fear about rumors !!! ha ha ha boy

don't b afraid,i and all people still unknown about this rumors,

but  trust source report like 1/8000,100 ISO and better IBIS on E-P5 and all come true on E-P5!!!

don't worry ha ha ha

I know, right?    People come up with ideas of what these companies should do because it is what they want, their "dream" product.  Some of the ideas frequently thrown around, in regards to almost every early phase product "rumor", simply make no business sense but there are always their dreams.

Hey, why not make the not-top-of-the-line product have the new tech, tech not even available in your best?  Isn't that ALWAYS the way Japan Inc. does things? [/s]  Yep, yep, we can expect the new DMC-GF7 to feature the new 20MP mFT sensor, IBIS, ISO 50,000 with pixel binning, wireless flash, fully articulated screen and all in a body the size of an LX7!  Fantastic!  I want one now!

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