How does the M43 flash system compare to Nikon's?

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Re: How does the M43 flash system compare to Nikon's?

larsbc wrote:

I'm seriously considering selling my Nikon system to fund a full move into my M43 system, but the thing that's holding me back is that I really, really like Nikon's TTL and wireless flash system.

I haven't used any TTL flash unit with my G1 or GH2, so I'd love to get some feedback from M43 users who are familiar with both flash systems (Nikon AND M43).

Does it do a good job balancing fill flash and ambient light in direct sunlight?

Is the wireless TTL system reliable as far as triggering and exposure is concerned?

Which flash units would you recommend?  Olympus or Metz or??

(And yes, I know I can use radio triggers and manually operated flash units, but that's not what I'm interested in, so please let's limit this thread discussion to TTL flash systems.  Thanks!)

Nikon has the best flash system in the world.  Olympus have a lot of catching up to do.

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