Leica entering m4/3?

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Re: Leica entering m4/3?

CharlesB58 wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

Not sure if anyone else has spotted this on the front page.


DPR specutale it might be a permanent liveview FF M camera (something I would absolutely love tbh) but I was wondering about also maybe the possibility of Leica joining m4/3.

Anyone know when the next panny announcement is due? Maybe they have made a camera Leica feels comfortable putting its name on (GX2 maybe).

Pure speculation and I think DPRs guess is probably better than mine, which tbh I hope it is. I don't need an overpriced panny body. Just thinking aloud tbh.

The teaser photo shows a box that is not much bigger than the M9. This means the camera is considerably smaller than that camera. It would be a major accomplishment to put a FF sensor into such a small body. Also, "Mini-M" implies a variation on the existing M series, which would not fit marketing strategy for an FF camera.

Would it really be that much of an accomplishment? I mean the top half an inch or so of the M series is very little but rangefinder mechanism and control dials AFAIK. There's also no knowing whether the box is to scale. The way Leica normally like to present their cameras it looks like that box would be too small for the X2. Maybe someone who has seen on of these boxed can clarify.

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