My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

Thank you for your opinion! I love the look of OMD which reminds me old film cameras, bright metal lense (love 75/1.8) and some special feel of camera in hands. I'm tired of Canon, almost every wedding photographer has Canon or Nikon, all people has same lenses => same result in the frame (in a matter of bokeh and overall feel of an image), I want something different, film-like, old school style. Love the noise structure of OMD.

Also, I feel some kind of challenge when use Oly. Don't know how describe it but I more satisfied when use relatively cheap camera and lenses while producing nice (for my taste) images than when use top equipment. All the limitations of m4\3 camera makes you think more than when shoot with FF, for example. Top cameras forgive more photographer mistakes, it relaxed me more than I need when I shoot with Canon 5dmk2.

This wedding was relatively calm, but most of the weddings I shoot are more active where the camera has to be fast enough to catch the moment, will see how it will handle such job:)

Tomorrow is gonna be the next wedding, hope there will be something to share 

tedolf wrote:

to great photography.  Vision and theme are what drives it.  Competent execution realizes it.

These photo's have it all.


Nice to hear, thank you!

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