I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

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Re: I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

Great Bustard wrote:

panos_m wrote:

Is this a question on realism?

Not really.  The question is on the relationship between the detail in a photo vs the appeal of the photo.

there is so much unsaid. were the audience to your show mostly other photographers or general public. Was your show venue a place that would attract other photogrphers and those interested in photography as opposed to a general art gallery showing your work?

clearly ( no pun intended) for some work detail is important for other works not so much. There is no generalization I can think of to cover the subject. If I am doing a brightly lit land scape of California grass lands it is my intent usually to have as much sharpness and detail as I possibly can, I feel the detail of the grass is important to my composition. If I am doing street the detail maybe not so important who knows.

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