Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Buy the 5DIII because...

SubPrime wrote:

John Cerra2 wrote:

I can directly compare my shots vs pros that were shooting top of the line Canons, their state finals photos have been widely published around here.  The Canon color space seems cartoonish like in terms of over saturatiBette

Nothing to do with color space.  It's just Canon JPEG rendition, which is widely regarded as superior to Nikon's OOC JPEGs.

I don't know if I agree with the idea that it is widelyregarded that Canon's jpegs are ooc better than than the Nikon jpegs. I do think it is widely believed that the Canon jpegs out more saturated and more sharpened at factory specs.  I can change the in camera settings to emulate the saturation. The D600 needs very little sharpening. And the Nikon iq at the same sized sensor is clearly superior.  The D600 exceeds every Canon, as does the D800 and thr D800s.

Maybe this was easier for me, since I followed one team and knew the players and their tendacies.

Yes, it probably is easier when you can perform in familiar scenarios.

But over several games, in varying light conditions, after ceding them the prime spot on the baseline...I had no problem getting great shots and better iq.

If you are getting comparable shots using a 70-200, then you are not ceding much.  Pros in most games are using at minimum, a 300 f2.8 and bigger, with much snappier AF and superior optics.

Most people used two cameras, one with a long tele and one with a shorter zoom. I can use just the one camera, and crop tighter on down the court shots. Even at 3200 iso, the d600 matches anything in the Canon line line, I have numerous 24x36 in prints that are wonderful iq  cropped.

I am not sure you will get a Nikon at the D700 place in the line going forward. The d600 sits a bit behind that slot and the d800 a bit ahead. It was a conscious decision,  please some folks, like me.  Didn't work for you. Sony did it to me in the NEX cameras...yeah, I was mad too.

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