Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

mosswings wrote:

brianj wrote:

The new Oly ad told me so.


For the same reason that u4/3 cameras are left at home 62.3% of the time, and smartphones are left at home 2.8% of the time.

advertising hype or not unless we understand the definitions for the data base its meaningless.

what does leaving at home mean really. do you take it to work or are they talking about walks in the evening. if they mean every time you leave your home then I suspect the figure may be close but there would be only a slight difference between dslrs leica Ms micro 4/3 and larger pand s cameras. Small p and s camera may fiar a tad better but not much.  The cell phone figure while mostly accurate is biased because the reasons we carry our phones has nothing to do with taking photos  the fact that we can is nice but if I was going out to shoot photos my phone would not be my choice.

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