2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

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Re: 2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

I haven't had any experience with the Sigmas and I'm sure they're great especially for the money but my pick would be the 20 1.7. I had this lens but I sold it because I have the 25 f1.4 which I prefer. When I had a GX1 though I used to the 20 a fair bit and it's an excellent lens. Small sharp and most importantly fast. There is a big difference between 1.7 and 2.8. If you like to shoot in lowlight then get the 20.

I'm not sure why the 20 gets a bad rep for slow focusing. When I used it on my old GX1 it focused just as fast as any of my other lenses. It did make a noise, not loud but you could hear it in a quiet room. If it hunts for focus then it can be slower because it takes longer to go through it's cycle but I think this only happened to me once in the whole time I had it. I have a X100 now and the GX1 with 20mm was in a different league in focus speed.

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