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exapp wrote:


Have gotten to the stage were I badly need to calibrate my monitor.  Only use canon printer with canon paper and canon ink so don't think i need something capable of calibrating prints.

How would one choose between the Color Munki and the latest Spyder.

Anyone evaluated both?


Others have....


If.... big IF... you remotely suspect you will be buying a Dell UltraSharp U2413, U2713H, or U3014 or one of the NEC PA series in the next 3 years, then spend the extra $$$ and get the  i1 Display Pro.  It can be used with the Dell and NEC calibration software used to write the ICC profile to the internal LUT of the monitor.  The other models listed here cannot.

Here's a paste of verbiage from a recent post of mine.

(hmmm.... on first attempt DPReview and my Evernote formatted text did not like each other!)

(argh!!! this is frustrating....)

X-Rite i1 Display Pro (about $320 in Canada, $250 in USA)

- the standard of the mid-range hardware colorimeters atm

- much faster scan times than the Colormunki Display

- can be used with the Dell and NEC calibration software used to write the ICC profile to the internal LUT of the monitor

- can be used with other 3rd party software like HCFR or Argyll

X-Rite Colormunki Display
 (about $250 in Canada; maybe $160 in US)
- uses a similar puck to the i1 Display Pro but this model is locked to the software that comes with the kit. I believe you cannot even use it with open source 3rd party calibration software like Argyll or HCFR
- noticeably slower than the i1 Display Pro
Spyder 4 Express (cheapest)
- bare bones feature set
- a lot of people buy this model to get the puck and then use it with Argyll or HCFR for their more advanced feature sets including the ability to read the white luminance level (Brightness) of the monitor.
- I don't recommend this model to anyone except if using Argyll or HCFR
Spyder 4 Elite or Pro (about $250 and $160 USA)
- their pucks can be used with 3rd party software as above
- most people use the Spyder supplied software to calibrate as it is easy to use
- the Elite offers the most features including a module dedicated to setting the brightness of the monitor (something I find very useful)
Go to this link, scroll to the bottom, and click on the "Comparison" tab to compare model features:

The Datacolor Elite offers some analysis & reporting not found in the X-Rite models.  It may or may not be useful to you.  The Northlight reviews should clarify most of this.


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