My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

Y1981 wrote:

69chevy wrote:

First let me say that the pictures are very nice.

That being said, this is not a wedding.

Every shot is posed, most are at ISO 200, there is no ceremony, and the lighting was under your control.

Please show the actual wedding so those considering using this camera for weddings can see the ISO 6400 shots in the church, or at the reception.

You say there were few missed focus shots. How can you miss focus on a stationary couple?

Is there a shot of them walking down the aisle?

I believe you that they were getting married, but really in these shots, they are modeling.

If I were to show the OMD shooting sports, yet all of the shots were posed, could I say it was a sports camera?

It is a wedding, do not forget that weddings are different in different countries.

Your pictures are of the bride and groom, not of the wedding.

This day there was a ceremony but not in church, so I decided not to show that because it is not so beautiful IMO.

"A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage".

I never used ISO 6400 even on FF even in dark church, 6 of 15 photos are at ISO 200, so it is not the most, at least.

I have. During the ceremony, in an effort to have enough DOF to get the bride, groom, and wedding participants all in focus.

Why you decided that couple was stationary? Why you decided that they posed all this time?

I didn't decide. They are clearly posing.

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