going full frame,,,just some silly questions...

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Re: going full frame,,,just some silly questions...

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I moved 40D to 5DII and never used the 40D again. So I suggest you get 6D if you don't shoot fast moving subjects or 5DIII if you do. I use 24-70 which is great but 24-105 is more versatile and lighter. The 5DIII is much heavier which you should consider. So starting point is 6D + 24-105L.

If you read first page, OP has already ordered 5D3+24-105L.  Either 5D3 or 6D will give him a tool to generate much better IQ photos than before.

... depending upon the situation.

I read OP said below.  So he meant low light and landscape. Anyway soon we will see OP photos after he return from the trip and will hear his opinion.

so now i have made up my mind to go full frame as i miss the low light photography in the evenings on my travel. i have two options

One good reason to go FF is low light. Landscape, not so much. Comes down to how much you want to pay for a couple of stops of low light performance when you get down to it. And, for most people, how big you want to print your images.

Most people are very happy with the image quality that crop cameras deliver - there are many fine examples of the capabilities of crop cameras in capable hands.

In any case, the OP has selected a fine camera. And, for what I mainly do, it competes quite well with a crop.

Sure everything is relative. You certainly don't get proportional return on cost or on amount of pixel alike.


Many are happy on P&S.

Sure - but that's not the point. P&S is not equal to DSLR - the comparison is bogus in this context. Crop and FF are much closer than P&S and DSLR (as I know you would admit if you were to be genuine. )

Nevertheless OP already made the decision and I believe he will see it absolutely worth his investment.

I agree.

He foreseen, I saw and yourself also saw...so let's bless him and wait to see his photos


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