Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

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Re: Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

wchutt wrote:

So your basic premiss is Apple has accumulated more than $100 billion in cash reserves by through plagiarism  and  deceit?

Well, yes. Only they call it "marketing".

Why can't other companies make this much surplus profit  through  authentic and innovative business plans? Surely, over time, substance trumps vapor in the marketplace.


You have to admit Apple is an amazing company if they can earn $100 billion dollars more than they need by only copying others and producing significantly inferior products and services.

Well, yes; marketing is pretty amazing like that. It makes untalented hacks make more in a single day than professional orchestras make in a whole year, gave control of the world to a BASIC developer with nothing but some business savvy and a thorough lack of morals, and it made a giant out of an electronics manufacturer whose business model is packaging three-years-old technology in a shiny new package then raise the price tag to three times its original value.

The real beauty about marketing is that, if you successfully sell the idea that your product is perfect, whenever your users find a problem with it they don't criticize you for lying to them; they blame themselves for failing to understand your perfect product! Try the following mental excercise: how many times you've heard, during the last year, an Apple user bemoaning some fault within OSX? and yet, by bug count, number of support calls in heterogeneous enviroments and every other objective measure we have, it's at best just as good as Windows.

Does it make sense Apple could  enjoy this level of  success for an extended period of  time  depending only on marketing and public relations trickery?

Well, yes. The RIAA is still going strong as well, aren't they?

Not only did they fool counless consumers but they also fooled thousands of professional investment fund managers.

Well, yes.

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