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Re: You might be surprised to know that...

stimmer wrote:

I get you but the ergonomi. Of the gx2 looks an awful lot like the omd and pen so there's not that much difference.  Gh3 and omd pro are going to be a lot more ergonomically correct.

looks like a nice camera, it's just surprising people are acting like this is some kind off revelation that people haven't seen before,

in fact I would say the gh3 and omd are much more compelling options if the only thing different is a tilting viewfinder.

The thing is, many people have been wishing for a "rangefinder style" camera that has an actual viewfinder.  So far, such a beast has not existed for m43.

Myself, I'm mostly interested in whether or not Panasonic adopts in-body stabilization.  I'd be very surprised if they did.  If so, then I'd really be looking foward to the GH3's successor, since it would combine Panasonic's ergonomics (which I prefer over Olympus') and in-body lens stabilization which is currently only available from Olympus.  Basically, if the GX2 has in-body stabilization, it increases the odds that my dream camera will become a reality.

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