I Will Not Shot in RAW

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Re: No, it really doesn't

howardroark wrote:

I don't know that I've ever seen a camera that shoots exclusively in JPEG that also offers AdobeRGB as an option.

I don't think I have, either. But the thread was about shooting JPEG on camera that do shoot raw.

So, Barry's weird assertion that gamut is a reason to choose raw over JPEG because "There are visible colours that cannot be represented in JPEG, but can be represented in larger-gamut color spaces such as Adobe RGB or (bigger) Pro Photo RGB." is totally incorrect.

Usually if they offer RAW they include AdobeRGB.

True. I put that down to it not being much work for the camera makers to add raw (after all, images start as raw in the camera) but as to camera makers wanting to simplify the camera operation to reduce their support burden. If the average user (i.e. people who don't participate in conversations like this) accidentally puts the camera into raw mode, they get files that they don't know what to do with. You can't just stick raw up on facebook. Same with aRGB. Switch that on by mistake, and you get desaturated images on facebook or other sharing sites.

JPEG is either always or by default encoded into sRGB colorspace precisely because it follows the philosophy of the format:  eliminate information that is not required for display.  Since sRGB is a smaller gamut it makes JPEG files that much smaller.

No, it does nothing of the sort. It just alters the amount of saturation or banding the user sees.

Perhaps sRGB isn't the rule, but it certainly is the default.

True. But there's a big difference between that and a bunch of absolute statements about what "features" JPEG has or how "There are visible colours that cannot be represented in JPEG, but can be represented in larger-gamut color spaces".

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