Micro Four Thirds body deflation

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Re: Micro Four Thirds body deflation

I think you're absolutely correct.

I find myself pondering whether to get a E-P5 knowing that I can get the same IQ for less than half with the PM2 and that the price will probably half in 12 months based on all the other PEN bodies.

All the people saying that you should think about taking great photos in the 12 months you'll lose- well, that's one way of looking at it, I could argue that I could get the PM2 and buy 2 lenses or 1 really nice lens with the 600€ I save. I could also argue that other manufacturers handle this problem better and a new camera will lose 1/3 within the first year. I'm not thinking of reselling but just the fact that I know I would be angry to see the Olympus is asking 500€ less in only a year. That's not ok. They should set the initial price lower and take it down less over time. That would be a better strategy for everybody, including them, IMHO.

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