Should I buy a NEX?

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Re: Should I buy a NEX?

cwtbone wrote:

I have been shooting DSLRs for many years and I have been strongly considering getting a NEX for portability and casual family outings. I normally shoot wildlife, macros and landscapes. I have questions though about how easy it is to get good focus using just the LCD. The deal on the F3 at B&H right now is very tempting but I wonder if I would regret not moving up to the NEX 6 with the viewfinder. I shoot most of the time with a Sony A65 and though I can use the LCD to shoot I almost always use the EVF. What are do some of you experienced NEX shooters think?

I used a Canon DSLR when i got my NEX-7. I considered NEX-5N and NEX-7 and one of the main points why i chose the NEX-7 was the built-in EVF. In addition i did not feel comfortable with the grip of the NEX-5N. For me it turned out to be the right decision since i almost never work with the LCD.

I believe this is personal preference. If you think you will work with the EVF most of the time i would get a NEX with built-in EVF.

I mostly shoot landscape, people and macros. I love manual focus or manual focus override in combination with focus peaking. I do have to say that the NEX really is best for small lenses. Right now such lenses are available for focal length between 10mm and 60mm (well .. Sony has a light 55-210 and they have an 18-200mm that is not exactly small). I have a manual 90mm macro lens that still feels right on the Nex. But a 80-200mm f4 Canon FD lens - though a great lens - feels a little out of place on the NEX.

Still - i have the NEX a little more then a year and i have not touched my DSLR since then.

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