Seeking ways of tracking birds in flight with 500mm lens

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Barry Pearson wrote:

brandrx wrote:

I can abtain perfect balance with my Pentax DA*300/4 on my Wimberly gimbal. One thng a lot of folks don't realize is not only do you need to move the lens back or forth to obtain balance but you also need to move the lens up or down so that the center of the lens is in line with the vertical rotation point. On my Wimberly I can drop the platform that the lens sits on all the way down for my Pentax DA*250-600mm f5.6 or raise it almost all the way up for my Pentax DA*300mm f4.

I bought a Lensmaster RH2, which doesn't have such vertical adjustment. (I understand the principle of having the axes of rotation through the center of gravity of the lens+camera combination).


After looking at the illustrations in the link you have listed, I think I would be tempted to remove that drop-down L plate and make the RH-2 into an RH-1. It appears to me that the axis of rotation would then be through the center for any lens, especially the Sigma 500/4.5 and Pentax DA*300/4. It might be worth a try.



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