E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

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Re: Nicely done!

Kevin Sutton wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Kevin Sutton wrote:


These are my reworks. Both from ACR7.4 with highlights at -45, whites +10, blacks -5.  The E3 file was "flat" saturation settings and the EM5 file was saturation -40 on Magenta. No difference in any other settings.

Cheers Kevin

The E3 photo was processed a bit cooler than the EM5 photo.  Might want to even that out a bit in the comparison (either cool down the EM5 photo, warm up the EM5 photo, or anywhere in between).

In any event, nicely done!


Thanks everyone for the comments.  I agree that there are some differences still but I couldn't get any "global" changes to give images that were comparable.  I think the Sony sensor/Trupic image pipeline produces somewhat warmer images than the Panasonic sensor/Truepic combination and talking out the magenta seemed to tame most of that. I started fiddling with the other colour sliders but ended up making a mess.

Hey Kevin, that is what I found too, that the obvious adjustment was the magenta while some of the other adjustments seemed to do more harm than good.

I remember when I moved from the E-1 (Kodak sensor) to the E-3, I was initially taken aback by the cooler colours but after a while I realized that the E-1 images were way too warm and saturated, and started dialing them back.

Taste can also play a part in how we choose to enjoy colour, as well as intention.

I'm also green-grey colour blind so the differences in the leaves may not be that obvious to me.

That could make it tough

As for the comment about the new ACR algorithms, yes they do make a difference.  I have reprocessed old high-ISO E-1 files that I thought were beyond help and found that, with a bit of gentle coaxing with the new noise reduction settings, they are quite printable at A4.

It sort of plays to the question, if different cameras have different output, then rather like we used to enjoy with film, instead of selling older cameras for next to nothing, one could pick certain bodies to use for certain applications.

Cheers Kevin

Thanks for joining in

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