What might go wrong with GX2

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Andy Crowe Senior Member • Posts: 1,587
On the sensor and EVF
4) Old inferior 18-mpix sensor from GH2 - high probability (they promise a "new sensor" in every camera, in most cases it is a lie)

The GH2 sensor has never been advertised as 18mp (you could only ever get 16mp images out of it), so if it's true that the GX2 has the "highest resolution 4/3rds sensor yet" then it must be a new 18mp effective sensor rather than the 16mp effective sensor of the GH2. Of course being rumours they may be making up the highest resolution claim themselves but at this point we can't know one way or the other.

6) Low quality EVF, maybe 200kpix unit from LF1, or sequential junk from G-series - high probability (have to fit it over screen somehow).

What's wrong with those EVFs? The quality is great even at 640x480, an 800x600 or 1024x768 version would be outstanding. (Unless you also think all sequential DLP projectors are junk too).

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