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Re: You make a very good point, but...

daddyo wrote:

I use my E-M5's all the time for corporate event work, and recently even a very small wedding. The event work covers all kinds of scenarios -- most of which are the same as wedding scenarios, in terms of action, lighting, and variety of subject matter. Coverage even includes a lot of action such as golf, tennis, and archery.

Since I shot weddings professionally for 25 years, I can assure your that the E-M5 is more than up to the challenge of shooting weddings with excellent results -- if you doubt it, here's a link to one of Dirk Weber's weddings shot with E-M5's and prime lenses:

If your bone of contention is simply with the examples posted by the OP, then I fully agree that the excellent images he/she posted do not adequately reflect the challenges presented during a wedding shoot -- but they are outstanding, none the less.

And by the way, yes it is very possible to have static poses slightly out of focus using a DSLR with very shallow depth of field, as PDAF is much more prone to slight front or back focus than CDAF. The OP made a valid comment about this issue -- my E-M5's tend to be either spot on (most of the time), or way out of focus (rarely). If focus is off, it is easy to spot when reviewing the shot on the LCD -- not the case with my DSLR.

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No contention really, I would just love to see some shots from the wedding.

I agree static objects can be challenging for focus with a very shallow DOF, I would not consider any of these shots as having very shallow DOF.

As for the the cameras ability to shoot tennis, I would love to see that..

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