Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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Re: Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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While user and site reviews are great sources of information I find that sometimes an item just doesn't live up to the hype. If based on my research I have built a certain expectation and I decide to go out and buy it with the intention of keeping it but then it doesn't meet that expectation, then I don't see why I wouldn't return it. That's one of the reasons return policies exist. And companies/brands that don't want to see buyers doing this would either charge a restocking fee or offer no returns on opened/used products. I would not consider that poor judgement on my side, buyer's remorse or failure to research. However as many of us have experienced that real world use of an item may reveal aspects that were not covered by reviews.

And that's what I think the OP is trying to point out, assuming he intended to keep it rather than just test it and then decide.

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Or you could rent one to do your testing...

but that would cost the consumer money — doh!

it's much better to dump buyers remorse on the retailer and back up the chain.

btw, to date, there have no official (IMATEST) reviews i'm aware of — only informal KR style opinions. i still prefer the IQ of my 300mm f4 AF-S better at 300mm. however, performance and convenience are to me just as important as IQ. especially if i miss the shot while changing out the glass. currently, there is no better safari alternative. if one is going to buy a lens in the first place, it's more efficient to know why one wants it before they buy it. people who collect lenses simply on the basis of their IQ musrt do a very limited range of shooting. still, as long as these retail rentals remain risk free — let the retailer beware.

i'm less sympathetic to the double standards of an argument where someone whines about the price of the same merchandise their own behavior helped inflate. they're selfishly making it more difficult for people that follow behind them to afford the next iteration of glass.

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